I don't know exactly how listing the myriad colleges I've attended or my several majors really contributes to learning anything about my photography and artwork. Where I've lived might: California, San Francisco Bay Area (where I live now) Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara. Boston, Massachusetts. Upstate New York. Portland, Orono, Maine and the beautiful countryside. I've experienced many skies, fields, water - two oceans, several lakes and rivers. I've driven across the US perhaps eight times times, coast to coast. From Maine to Florida, through Appalachia, the Kentucky Blue Grass where foals grazed.


I love winding up the Sierra Nevadas which travels along the train tracks. Hard to imagine what it was to construct this highway and railroad over a mountain range with a peak of 14,505 feet.  Gold was a great magnet. Then, dropping down, down to the flats of Nevada. Vere north through Utah, Wyoming, around Colorado, then Nebraska and the glorious Plains with fields of golden majesty. Gradually the terrain changes, plains give way to smaller plots, fences, green fields, more houses, some cities. Pennsylvania and you’re on the East Coast. I love that too.


Now I live on the edge of a stream almost blocked by trees in the spring and summer, then appearing through gold leaves in fall, then revealed through stark grey branches against the winter skies.  A few minutes drive west and I’m in the Marin countryside dotted with little farms and cows, dairy and beef. On to Pt. Reyes, population 848 in 2010. Were I to turn left and follow little two lane Hwy 1 I’d see many of the scenes I’ve photographed.  


Were I to drive south from home I’d wend through traffic, day and night, only the degree of misery changes, through the Robin Williams Memorial Tunnel (as though anyone could forget the chair and the belt), and then, the ever-present and total stage-hog: Her Majesty the Golden Gate Bridge rises in all her glory! Now that you’re near her there’s no escape. She’s ever-present along the Bay. And even when you don’t think she’s in the frame, there she it! Tiny specks of her towers perhaps, but she’s there. A challenge to avoid.


My ‘Studio in Black’ and ‘Studio in White’ photographs were shot in very controlled lighting. The ‘Atmospheres’, photographs of my artwork, are my interpretation of Marin County’s light and temperature in organza, silk, and linen. The Landscape Photographs are the countryside as I find it, the fields and cows and barns and tiny towns remain just as they are.


I hope you enjoy my site, and most of all I hope it’s fun for you to stroll through. Fun has always been the leitmotif of my life.


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